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Open Office Layout vs Cubicles: Which One Is Best For You?

Have you ever considered the importance of space planning and design for your office? If done correctly the right layout can foster creativity, collaboration and production within employees. Though there are many ways to design your office, there are things to consider when choosing the right layout for your business and office space. Two popular design trends focus on the idea of an open office layout vs cubicle installations. There are both positives and negatives when it comes to these design options but deciding upon the best choice depends on your specific office and employee needs. See below the differences between an open office layout and cubicles and decide which option would be best for you.

Open Office Layout

Office furniture in an open layout design

A component of choosing the right office layout comes from considering the kind of team you have. Do you run a creative business that includes outgoing employees? If so, an open office layout may be the best option for you. An open office layout fosters creativity by creating a space that is ideal for open communication. This makes it easy for team members to bounce any ideas off one another to then foster creative concepts.

A downside to this layout could be a lack of privacy which can then lead to a lack of productivity. If your business has private conversations often, you can consider including private meeting rooms to avoid this issue. For this design to work it’s important for your employees to work together as a team. If this can’t happen small issues like temperature or speaking too loudly can interrupt other employees work day.

Cubicle Installations

Cubicle installations in an office space

Providing your employees with cubicles may not always be the most aesthetic layout but can be beneficial. Cubicles allow employees to have their own space, something that many employees desire. By having their own spot, they can be comfortable and allow the space to become their own. Cubicles also allow the chance for employee interaction and communication. Sitting next to other employees doing their job can be a learning opportunity and a chance to form employee relationships. They provide more privacy than an open office layout so employees may feel more comfortable addressing important issues within their cubicles.

Furniture Installation

Furniture installation for your space planning and design

Choosing which office layout is best for you may just be the beginning of your design process. Once you decide which option would be the most beneficial for your office and employees, there are more options to consider. When it comes to furniture installation, it’s important to go with a company you trust. We can provide you with a wide range of services that fit any design layout you choose. Whether your need three cubicles or 30 or office furniture for a large area, we can meet your needs and budget.

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