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Cubicles & Workstations

Ordering the right computer workstation or cubicle takes lots of planning and a good amount of time. Let HBPC help you move your project along and get you on your way to having an office that works for you.

When looking at a computer workstation, lots of factors come into play such as size and shape. For size, you want to choose a station that will fit everything that you need within arms reach such as files, extra computer screens, etc. When it comes to shape, you want to look at how you are going to be using this workstation. If you will be doing a lot of training there, a “L” shape will work best for you. Also, make sure you select one that is made for a computer. These workstations will include holes for wires as well as a place for your computer tower.

The cubicle has long been a staple of the office since its inception. However, today there are so many different designs and layouts that you don’t necessarily feel closed off from the rest of the office. You can have the traditional paneling system with fabric or a new modern look with windows. Contact us today and begin the journey to getting the most out of your workspace.

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