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AIS Oxygen Workstation: A Functional & Stylish Benching System

Bringing Form & Function to the Workspace

If you are looking to create an adaptable workstation for your office space, you should consider looking into the AIS Oxygen Workstation. This flexible benching system was designed to add multi-functional benefits and stylish flair to any workspace. The system was also designed to be versatile, so it can be adapted to just about any type of office space, including open-space layouts and private offices. If you would like to learn more about the AIS Oxygen collection, please continue reading.

Strong Architecture & Simple Installation

Oxygen Benching System

The AIS Oxygen Workstation was built using durable, steel framework, ensuring that the system will last a long time. The improved architecture used in this benching system also makes installation a simple, stress-free process.

If you do not want to waste a lot of time or money setting up an effective workstation, the AIS Oxygen collection will work wonders for your office space.

Easy to Manage Wire System

AIS Oxygen Workstation

The traditional Oxygen Workstation comes with an 8-wire multi-circuit power way that you can use to power eight computers in your workspace. If you want to use more computers, a 10-way multi-circuit option is also available for purchase.

The system will also come with a wire management basket that you can use to store and organize the wires that are connected to your computers. You can use this to keep computer wires off the floor so they do not get in the way of your employees’ work.

Maximize Space With Effective Storage

This benching system also features storage options that you can use to keep your workspace free of clutter. One storage feature offered with the Oxygen Workstation is the rail system. This rail system can be used to store many different items, including fabric screens and monitor arms.

In addition, the system has flip-top table boxes that can be used to store plug-in transformers, USB transformers and monitor arms. Both of these features will help you keep things off your desk, allowing you to maximize the amount of space you can use while you work.

Other Features

  • Straight and angled leg options available
  • Custom fabrics available
  • Won the Best of NeoCon 2013 Silver Award and the ADEX Design Journal Award for Design Excellence 2015
  • Mobile storage pieces are also available

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