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Creating a Beneficial Breakroom In most workplaces today, the breakroom has become a central focus for many employers. This is because the breakroom is a place where employees can go to recharge, mingle, grab a snack and prepare to take on the rest of the day. A key factor to setting up a successful breakroom...
22 June 2017, by , in Company News, No comments
When looking to buy business or office supplies, one may think it’s easier to shop at a big box store. Though these stores may have a ton of product to offer, they lack in certain areas that local stores do not. Buying business supplies locally means an experience with top notch customer service, unbeatable prices,...
Welcome to HBPC's New Blog
11 February 2016, by , in Company News, No comments
We are proud to unveil our brand new and improved site for our visitors. Both new and loyal customers can shop our extensive inventory through our ecommerce site. Check out our completely revamped website for yourself! We are also excited to announce our new company blog. Keep up on all the newest trends and products...