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Ergonomic Office Seating

Did you know that the average office worker spends around five years of his or her life sitting at a desk? Make that time count with the right ergonomic office chair from Huntington Business Products Centre.

How to Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair

Seat Depth

You don’t want a chair that forces you to lean forward which defeats the purpose of the lumbar support and put strain on your back. Make sure you can lean all the way back with your knees hanging off the end of the seat at a 90 degree angle.


Have your armrest at a height where you can comfortable place your arms so your wrists reach your keyboard without having to angle up or down.

Lumbar Support

Many office workers complain of lower back pain – a lumbar support helps to keep your spine in an s shape so you don’t put extra strain on your lower back.


Having a chair that is adjustable is critical to optimizing your chair to being ergonomically friendly. You should look for a chair where you can adjust the seat, back angle, seat width and height, and lumbar support.

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