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Office Cleaning Supplies Checklist

Stock Up On Cleaning Supplies

Flu season is going strong, which means germs are currently spreading like wildfire. If you want everyone in the office to stay healthy you need to be stocked with the proper cleaning supplies. According to the CDC, 111 million workdays are lost because of flu symptoms, and it is estimated that $7 billion are lost each year as a result. Getting rid of the germs in the office is crucial if you want your workers to stay healthy and productive, so try to stock up on the following cleaning supplies.

Cleaning Solutions & Disinfectants

Disinfectant Cleaner
If you want to keep office surfaces clean, you need to purchase some potent cleaning solutions. These solutions serve many purposes, and can be used to clean desktop surfaces and hard floors. Keep your eyes out for products by Clorox, Dawn, and Lysol, as these are some of the best cleaning brands in the business.

Disinfecting wipes can also help you get rid of any germs that are lingering in the office. You can use them to wipe down surfaces in the office, including work desks and the counters in the breakroom. Disinfecting sprays can clean up tough stains and leave desk surfaces with a more pleasant smell.

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

Paper Towel Dispenser
Everyone in the office has to use the bathroom, which makes it a prime gathering spot for bacteria and germs. This is why having a good stock of bathroom supplies should be a top priority. If you want the toilets to stay clean, pick up a toilet bowl brush and some toilet cleaner to go with it. Pick up disinfecting wipes so you can wipe off the sinks and other surfaces.

You should also pick up some glass cleaner so you can wash off any stains on the bathroom mirror. Finally, stock up on hand soap, paper towels and toilet paper so everyone in the office can effectively clean up after a trip to the bathroom.

Mops & Brooms

Wet Mop Head
If you have tiled floors in your office space, it would be a good idea to pick up a wet mop. The yarn in a wet mop head absorbs water, which allows the mop to remove tough stains that are left behind by any kind of spilled liquid. For extra cleaning power, you can use a cleaning solution instead of water.

Wet mops cannot deal with dust and dirt, however, because when you mix water with dirt you just make a bigger mess. This is why you should also pick up a high-quality broom or dust mop so you can clean up these substances. Make sure you pick up a dustpan to go with your broom so you can pick up all the dirt and deposit it after you finish sweeping.

Vacuum Cleaner

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
Another important tool you should have in your office is a vacuum cleaner. Vacuums can help you pick up crumbs, dust, dirt, and any other small substances left behind on the floor. Vacuums are adjustable, so you can use them to clean hard-to-reach places, like underneath desks and other low furniture.

Many vacuum cleaners come with additional attachments that can help you clean out any other places that are hard to reach with a standard duster. Recent vacuum models have dirt cups that store the collected substances, so you do not have to worry about purchasing vacuum bags.

Trash Bins & Trash Bags

Trash Bag and Bin
Finally, make sure that you have enough spare trash bags in the office. Germs like to gather around piles of trash, so if you do not have a way to dispose of garbage in the office you may have to deal with an infestation of germs. To make matters worse, the foul odors left behind by the trash could attract bugs, rodents or other pests to your office.

Purchase a trash bin for each room in the office so your coworkers can easily get rid of their garbage. Make sure you purchase garbage bags for your office so you can easily transport the garbage after the bins fill up. Try to buy a decent amount of trash bags so you do not have to worry about getting a restock for a while.

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