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AIS Panel Systems

Affordable Interior Systems (AIS) has built the DiVi line of panel systems to fit a wide variety of workspaces. From the traditional private workstations in small towns to collaborative workspaces in major metropolitan cities, Huntington Business Products Centre offers the DiVi panel system.

Made from over 50 percent recycled material, the AIS DiVi panel system is a level 2 in furniture sustainability. It is also GREENGUARD certified which means it gives the lowest chemical emissions. By choosing a system that is green you are in turn reducing your office’s carbon footprint. Designed to be continually reused, DiVi uses a hinge system for easy connections.

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Panel Designs/Configurations

  • Monolithic
  • Segmented
  • Glass
  • Stack

With easy installation, your office can stay closer to budget because of the simplified process. The panel system works in countless configurations, so you can continually move it around until you find the optimal design. The segmented design allows for your design vision to come to life with the freedom to have each panel designed for your specific needs – you can change fabric colors, add glass, or have solid walls, the possibilities are limitless. More panels can be added quickly or even taken away in a few moments.


Each DiVi panel system has a six inch base that will give your technology power. All electricity and data are located in one convenient place. It comes with an eight wire, four circuit system.