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Space Planning & Design

HBPC: Space Planning & Design

Did you know that the way you set up your office space could have a huge impact on employee productivity and overall happiness? That’s why it’s so important to choose a design that works for your company and its culture. Since this can seem like a challenging task, we offer custom space planning and design services, to ensure the most efficiency from your new furniture selections.

Our CAD design lets us show you:

  • The balance between enclosed and open space
  • Size and number of work areas, from offices to cubicles
  • Need for and placement of conference, meeting, and break rooms
  • Optimal traffic and circulation patterns
  • Dedicated storage areas
  • Flexibility
  • Room for growth
  • Details such as power outlets, computer wiring, and energy efficiency

Want to learn how to create an effective work environment?

If you are in the Nassau and Suffolk County Long Island area contact us for a FREE office space planning and design consultation. See how Long Island’s complete office furniture provider can assist YOUR office.