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The Global Arti Chair: Relax Your Back
20 April 2017, by , in Office Furniture, No comments

Back Support Reimagined

Ergonomics in the workplace is commonly referred to the posture and sitting position one takes in front of the computer. Poor ergonomic practices in the workplace can lead to musculoskeletal issues, illnesses, injuries, carpal tunnel and loss of productivity. Due to this, the need for ergonomic office furniture and office chairs is on the rise. Are you interested in an office chair that completely reimagines your idea of comfort in the work place? The Arti chair by Global Furniture Group is designed to provide enhanced back support that ultimately creates a comfortable seating experience. Below we have highlighted some of the added benefits and features of the Arti chair that further sets the high-tech design apart from the rest.

The Ergonomic Benefits

The Arti Ergonomic Office Chair

Arti allows the spine to move and flex freely while in a sitting position. For this to happen the back of the chair mimics a human spine which allows the chair to reshape itself. This way, the user’s profile is automatically responding to body movements and sitting positions. To ensure maximum strength and flexibility, the back rest is linked together by internal steel cables and highly graded steel springs. With these ergonomic features combined, Arti provides a strong, sturdy and comfortable office chair that feels personalized to you.


Height Adjustable Arms for Office Chairs

Some of the unique features Arti was designed with includes a frame and horizontal flex wings that are manufactured with engineered grade plastics. Aside from the unbeatable lumbar support, Arti also has height and width adjustable arms, sliding armcaps, tilt-recline tension and seat depth adjustment. Another added feature of the Arti chair is the eco-friendly benefits it provides. 95 percent of each chair can be recycled and made into future products. This means your Arti chair can be adjusted to fit your specific needs and its materials will never go to waste.


Mesh Finishes for Ergnomic Office Furniture

Arti’s sleek design allows the chair to complete any office space. Not only does it support your back while at work, it also looks good while doing so. With the wide range of options available to choose from, this chair can fit in seamlessly with any office space or design.

Base Finishes

  • Black
  • Polished Aluminum

Mesh Finishes

  • Artic Blue
  • Chartreuse
  • Chocolate Fountain
  • Coal Black
  • Desert Sand
  • Grain
  • Hot Pink
  • Ivy Moss
  • Pool Blue
  • Lime
  • Red Mittens

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