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Feng Shui Executive Suites

HBPC: Feng Shui Executive Suite

Perhaps you are finding that when you work in your executive suite, you may feel unbalanced and unproductive? Many powerful business leaders such as Donald Trump have used the advice of feng shui masters. Trump Tower in New York City in Columbus Circle is just one building where feng shui was highly followed to promote well being and focus.

As the CEO, you are crucial for the lucrativeness and triumph of your company. Therefore, having the right feng shui in the executive suite can help steer your entire office toward a more productive day.

Huntington Business Products Centre offers some advice to get you started on having a feng shui office space



The best spot for an executive suite is in the Northwest corner of the workspace. This direction can attribute to wealth. Try adding images of travel symbols to get you moving toward profits. The CEO should always be able to see the door – this puts you in command of anyone who enters.


When figuring out where to place your office furniture, have your desk so your back is facing a wall. You never want to look at a wall all day because it will act as a barrier to moving forward.


Add plants to your executive suite. Plants can help to purify the air you breathe and in turn purify your body/mind. A bonsai plant is a great idea for a CEO suite because it is known as a money plant. Make sure to have an odd amount of plants because an odd number gives of positive vibes into the space.

Power Desk

Choose a desk that gives off control and prestige. A small desk can make you seem diminutive so order a desk that is larger and powerful. Think of your desk as a symbol of your business – do you want your company to be rickety or strong?


Using the right colors is essential to having optimal feng shui. Having small splashes of white will help with focus while earth tones will help keep you steadied. If you find that stress is constantly found in your office, add green, it can help you level headed. However, for an executive suite, we recommend purple. Purple evokes power and nobility while helping with creativity.

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