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Utilize Your Office Space: Furniture Installation & Design
Utilize Your Office Space: Furniture Installation & Design

Whether you’re moving your office space to a new location or starting one up for the first time, choosing the right company to help is a crucial factor to success. Picking out the best office furniture is only half the battle. It’s important to have a team that knows how to install your office furniture with the upmost professionalism and experience. Not only can HBPC provide you with top of the line furniture, we can install it and offer our expertise on space planning and design as well. When all three of these factors are combined, your office can be set up to become a productive place employees love going too. See below all the ways HBPC can help utilize your office space to reach its full potential.

Space Planning & Design Services

Space Planning and Design Services

Mapping out your office space when you have a blank slate to work with can be overwhelming and confusing. Especially if this is the first time you are designing your own space, you want to make sure that you’re setting the office up for success. Many studies have shown that the way furniture and offices are laid out can improve productivity within employees and even create a sense of comradery. To make sure you’re making the right decisions, utilizing a company with space planning and design capabilities is a good place to start. At HBPC we use our Computer Aided Design services so our specialists can accurately consider every aspect of your space. While doing this, we can get a better feel of your current needs, goals and projected growth. We will be able to tell you the furniture sizes that are best suited for your area, optimal traffic and circulation patterns, placement of breakrooms and much more. Working with professionals who are experts in this area can ensure your office is set up to achieve the goals you’re hoping to reach.

Choosing Your Office Furniture

High Quality Office Furniture

When it comes to office furniture, we make it easy. We supply everything your office needs from conference room furniture, ergonomic pieces, and office seating. No matter what you’re looking for, we have the options that can finish off any office space. With our wide selection to choose from, your new office space can become your own. When choosing office furniture, it’s important to do your research. High quality pieces that can last you a long time will be beneficial to invest in. Since we offer you great products at low prices, you’ll be guaranteed furniture that not only looks great but lasts long too. Check out the products we offer or contact us to find out which pieces would be best suited for the office you are looking to create.

A Trusted Furniture Installation Company

Installation services for office furniture

Choosing the right office furniture is only half the battle when it comes to moving or creating a new office space. Ensuring the furniture is moved and delivered with professionalism and care becomes a top priority. HBPC is proud to provide installation services for many areas including local spots in Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island, NY. Ordering with us means your furniture pieces will be available for immediate delivery. Choosing our installation services means freeing yourself of the sometimes-daunting task of assembling multiple pieces at once. Our professional team will provide and put together beautiful office furniture so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Are you interested in our above services? Get a head start by requesting a free space planning and design consultation today!

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