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The Top Reasons to Buy Office Supplies Locally
22 June 2017, by , in Company News, No comments

When looking to buy business or office supplies, one may think it’s easier to shop at a big box store. Though these stores may have a ton of product to offer, they lack in certain areas that local stores do not. Buying business supplies locally means an experience with top notch customer service, unbeatable prices, a formed partnership, custom services and much more. See below the top reasons why you should buy office supplies and furniture locally from Huntington Business Products Center.

We Service Areas in Long Island, NY

Office Supplies in Long Island, NY

Since we’re located in Plainview, NY, we are proud to service the local Long Island community. With over 45 years of experience, we value our supportive and loyal customers who have been there from the start. Providing services to surrounding areas means giving back to different communities and supporting local businesses. Our service areas include Suffolk County and Nassau County and we are happy to provide them with the HBPC difference. When local businesses support other local businesses, the whole community will benefit from it.

Low Prices & Great Products

Buying locally from HBPC means receiving great products and supplies at the lowest prices. A local business supply store can offer you discounts and savings that big stores aren’t able too. HBPC is a member of one of the nation’s largest office products buying group which comes with many great advantages. This means we can offer you more consistent savings on your everyday office supply needs. Some of our products available range from breakroom and janitorial to ink and toner, calendars and organizers, room accessories and much more. Due to our 6,000-square foot warehouse, we maintain a 98% order fill rate which includes 40,000 items for next day delivery. This means your products will be of great value and delivered to your door quickly and efficiently.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Customer Service Long Island, NY

When you need assistance at HBPC, you will experience only the best customer service representatives. Since we are a local business we like to know our customers and provide them with any products, services or questions they need answered. When you reach out you will only be directed to industry professionals who know what they are doing and know what they are talking about. Our staff is dedicated to helping you place your orders by which means necessary. This can be done over the phone, over the web and email, through fax or in person. Our goals in doing this is to save you time, money and provide a hassle-free experience that only benefits your business and office supply needs.

Wide Range of Office Furniture

Office Furniture Suffolk County

One of the best things about HBPC is having the products and services available to completely transform your office space. Many big box stores have the furniture to make it happen, but they don’t offer design services that can help you build a productive and happy work environment. When you choose between our long list of office furniture, cubicles and workstations, office chairs, executive suites and more, we can help your visions come to life. We offer a free space planning and design consultation so you will be getting custom services to meet your design needs. Our specialists will consider every aspect of your space and can guide you to the storage areas available and the potential possibilities for growth.

Continue to support the community around us by shopping locally today!

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