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Superior Circulation & Comfort: The Balt Circulation Chair
Superior Circulation & Comfort: The Balt Circulation Chair
28 November 2017, by , in Office Furniture, No comments

A Modern Office Chair

If you’re looking for ergonomic office furniture to use at work, you should consider getting a Balt Circulation Chair. This modern office chair is easy to put together, and has a sleek design that customers find appealing. If you’re interested in an office chair that you never want to get up from, check out some of the features and benefits of the circulation chair below.

Sleek Design Features

Balt Circulation Task Chair

The Balt Circulation Chair has a sleek design that ensures customers will be satisfied when they use it. Its back and seat are made from molded polypropylene, which has been contoured to make the chair as comfortable as possible. It also features a perforated pattern that allows for great ventilation while you are sitting.

In addition, a handle has been molded into the chair that allows for increased mobility. The chair’s height is easily adjustable, and the chair features a sixteen-degree slope so it can provide you with natural support. Overall, these design choices were made to give this chair a unique look that helps it stand out from the competition.

Optional Arms are Available

Balt Chair with Optional Arms

This chair can be used without arms, but optional silver steel arms are available if you prefer to use office chairs that have them. The arms can be purchased separately, and have been made with black injected polypropylene and silver tubular steel.

If you don’t need the additional arms, you can choose not to purchase them. This will allow you to save some money if you decide that you don’t need to have arms on your office chair.

Eco-Friendly Features

The Balt Circulation Chair is part of HBPC’s line of eco-friendly office furniture. As mentioned previously, the back and seat are made from polypropylene, which is a fully recyclable material. Thanks to the low density of this material, the impact on the environment is reduced when Balt Circulation Chairs are produced.

On top of this, if you purchase a product like this from a local business, the product doesn’t have to travel as far to get to you, which means less natural resources will be wasted. The Balt Circulation Chair is great to own if you want to be considerate of the environment.

Additional Features

  • GREENGUARD certified
  • You can put it together in fifteen minutes
  • TAA compliant
  • Custom colors are available
  • Stools and stacking chairs are also available in this line

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