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Furniture Spotlight: HON Accelerate Workstations
15 July 2016, by , in Office Furniture, No comments

Choose innovative and distinct Accelerate Workstations from HON that can adapt to the changing nature of your business. These workstations can help you achieve the ultimate in design freedom with a thin profile and clean lines that can work in a variety of different workspaces. Utilize this collection by itself or combined with other HON furniture pieces to create your very own workspace oasis. The ability to customize the accessories and features of the Accelerate Workstation are endless. Aside from the frameless glass panels and swinging doors, there are over 130 fabric panel options to choose from.

The steel structure is durable, while being flexible enough to accommodate change and expansion. This workstation can be customized with 120 degree connectors to enhance the flexibility of your office’s layout. This non-linear and adaptable layout puts everything within reach and can increase collaboration by encouraging group conversation. On the other hand, Accelerate has 72 inch panels that are better for areas where space maximization is important. This configuration uses fewer parts and makes furniture installation easy.

Design Elements

Accelerate Workstation

The Accelerate offers a wide array of panel choices. Panels can be designed to match chair upholsteries, finishes, and workplace design to create a cohesive environment. This collection also allows for customization of work surfaces, storage elements, and more. The glass panels add some natural light to the workplace mix. The swinging panel doors can increase privacy, turning a workstation into a private office. When designing an Accelerate Workstation, one can expect to receive an exceptional design plan at an amazing value!

Make your workspace great with or without help from other HON collections. This collection can be effective on its own, with a simple panel, worksurface, and storage option, working in a multitude of different spaces. If you would like to expand your storage capabilities, the Flagship Collection is a perfect companion along with the Accelerate panels. Create a workplace that is aesthetically pleasing, while also being functional. Make reception, manager, team, and open space areas beautiful with the incorporation of these workstations.


HON Accelerate Workstation

  • Frameless Glass – clear sightlines & natural light incorporation
  • Stackable Panels – offers infinite layout possibilities
  • Trim – adds a modern touch
  • Scallop Worksurface – choose from different surfaces for your needs with the option for easy access to wiring
  • Technology – features a metal base rail that can provide quick access to data and power sources/keeps components tucked away,
  • Finishes – choices include brilliant white, pinnacle, mahogany, mocha, & more * Indoor Advantage Gold Furniture Indoor Air Quality Certified – can help you add more eco-friendly office furniture into the workplace
  • ANSI Certified Product

Are you interested in the HON Accelerate Workstation for your office?

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