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Reimagine Coffee with Keurig
Reimagine Coffee with Keurig
21 December 2016, by , in Office Coffee, Comments off

Energize your Office with Keurig

Do you or your employees ever feel tired at the office? Introducing Keurig products to your breakroom and janitorial supplies could help combat those midday blues. Keurig, meaning “excellence” in Danish, proves to deliver just that. Keurig has reimagined the way you make a cup of coffee. With their wide range of brewers, flavor pods and accessories, Keurig sets the standard for individual brewing systems.

Brewing Systems Perfect for you

H2: Brewing Systems Perfect for you

Keurig offers both a classic and plus series of brewing systems. The classic series comes in two designs, a compact personal brewer and the classic single cup brewer. The compact personal brewer is portable and perfect for small spaces while the classic single cup has a 48oz water reservoir and simple button controls.

The plus series from Keurig features three different designs. They include a slim and sleek brewer, a feature-filled brewer and the ultimate Keurig brewer. If you’re looking for something chic to spice up your kitchen décor, the slim and sleek brewer comes in seven different colors and a touch display. The feature-filled brewer is a little more advanced with strength and temperature controls, a large touch display and customizable settings. If your office is filled with coffee lovers, then the ultimate Keurig is just for you. It contains the biggest water reservoir at 80oz, hot water on demand, strength and temperature control and an extra-large touch display. It also comes with a night light, perfect for those late days at the office.

A Variety of Beverages & Flavors

A Variety of Beverages & Flavors

With more than 70 cherished brands and more than 445 beverage varieties, Keurig ensures that non-coffee drinkers are not left out. Their list of beverages consist of, coffee, black tea, green tea, herbal tea, ice tea, chai tea, hot cocoa and more. The coffee flavors range anywhere from regular and flavored to light and dark roast. Now you could possibly have the taste of your favorite coffee place brewed right from your office. Keurig carries beloved brands like Green Mountain Coffee, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and more.

Accessorize with Keurig

Accessorize with Keurig

Keurig features many accessories to organize and transport your brewing system and beverages. After your beverage is brewed, Keurig offers stainless steel travel mugs so you can keep your drink hot when you’re on the go. They also offer reusable k-cups and water filters to guarantee freshness in every cup. Your Keurig won’t look clunky and disorganized in your breakroom. The Keurig storage drawer has room for 28 K-Cups, making easy to organize flavors.

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